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Pain is a perception. It can be modified, remodeled or remolded, thereby decreasing its effect on the individual.

Join us in this venture towards regaining the joy of living.


If you are visiting this website, most likely you, or someone you know, are living with chronic pain. You are considering your alternatives and want to choose the right doctor for you.

Our physicians are dedicated to providing treatment solutions for your individual needs, using varied treatments including traditional, holistic approaches, and non-traditional therapies. Many proven successful, non-drug therapies such as dietary changes, exercise and self-healing with meditation have also been implemented.

Our physicians are ADAAPM credentialed, AAPM (American Academy of Pain Management) Diplomates, and members of NAABT (National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment). We also have a full-time psychologist on staff available for therapy, including hypnotherapy, to assist all of our patients at no additional cost. We will assist you in developing a personal wellness program, including: nutrition, supplements, exercise programs, mindfullness, stress reduction and inner peace.

Feel free to use this site and its links as a resource to learn more about common treatment options for chronic pain management as well as support groups.